So Sweet Couture. Artisan plant based Chocolate Alternative

We are So Sweet Couture, a young British business created in 2017 producing exquisite & innovative plant based, vegan milk chocolate alternative gifts and bars.

Using only the best natural ingredients - no artificial colours or preservatives in our chocolate. With our modern new packaging we are bringing a fun new element to milk free chocolate.

P.S and the taste is amazing! An alternative to milk chocolate that everyone can enjoy.



Dairy Free alternative to Milk Chocolate Owls

Delicious handmade dairy free milk chocolate owls. This gift box contains 3 solid chocolates owls. A smooth creamy dairy free chocolate made with 47% cocoa.

Perfect gift for an animal lover.

Dairy Free alternative to Milk Chocolate Fruit & Nut Squares

Delicious handmade dairy free milk chocolate fruit & nut squares with almonds and raisins. This gift box contains 8 solid chocolates. A smooth creamy dairy free chocolate made with 47% cocoa.

Dairy Free alternative to Milk Luxury Inclusion Collection Gift Box

Delicious handmade dairy free milk chocolate luxury collection gift box. 

This gift box contains 9 solid chocolates containing different luxury inclusions. A smooth creamy dairy free chocolate made with 47% cocoa.


Our delicious vegan chocolate is made with 47% cocoa

So Sweet Couture are based in the heart of Pembrokeshire.

All of the chocolate is hand crafted using only the finest ingredients, natural oils and flavours, producing great tasting plant based chocolate made to the highest standards possible.

Our Chocolate is 47% Cocoa, so our chocolate has a 'creamy milky smooth texture' and tastes as good as it looks.

Truly Artisan Chocolate, handmade and hand wrapped by people not machines.

All of our chocolate is plant based & vegan.

All of the chocolate is plant based & vegan, simply great tasting chocolate everyone can now enjoy a guilt free indulgence with our delicious range of chocolates.



I started So Sweet Couture Chocolate 3 years ago from my kitchen. I started to experiment making chocolate as I wanted to create a plant based chocolate that everyone can enjoy. 

I wanted to produce a "milk' chocolate alternative. After lots of taste testing (which we thoroughly enjoyed) we have created some delicious chocolates with all natural ingredients and flavours with no added preservatives or artificial ingredients.

After quickly running out of space (and not to mention my mum wanting her kitchen back) I started to think about renovating an old barn we have.

This proved to be a massive undertaking with myself doing a lot of the work (in-between making lots of delicious chocolates of course) with the help of my brother and some of my friends.

After 18 months of renovations, lots of hard work and sacrifices we finally moved into the barn - our new chocolate factory!

Now with lots more room So Sweet Couture Chocolate is going from strength to strength and continuing to grow.

We hope you enjoy our chocolate as much as we enjoy making it. Chloe x



Now 3 years into our journey and we are loving every minute.

We want to build So Sweet Couture Chocolate in to the best plant based & vegan chocolate brand in the UK.

We hope you love our chocolate as much as we love making it!

Chloe x