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Our Fabulous New Brand of Childrens Chocolate Bars.

     Dairy Free - Vegan - Gluten Free

     In 4 Great Flavours

We Use Only The Finest Organic and Fairtrade Ingredients With no Artificial Flavourings, Preservatives or Colourings and Handmake to The Highest Standards Possible in Beautiful Pembrokeshire, Wales UK. 





Hooey Facts:

Boo Facts:

Hooey is Our 7 Year Old Chihuahua.

Doesn't Like Getting Up Before 9am in The Morning.

Favourite Treat: Carrot Sticks (Which Are Really Boo's)

A Sun Worshipper -  He Likes to Channel His Inner Mexican Chihuahua Side.

Favourite Toy: Groovy Dog - A Small Blue Squeeky Soft Toy.

His Best Friend is Boo.

Boo is Our 7 Year Old House Bunny.

Doesn't Like Getting Up Before 9pm at Night.

Boo Likes to Sleep All Day & be up All Night.

Favourite Treat: Raisins or Fresh Banana - She Can't Decide.

Favourite Toy: Dinky Dinosaur - A Pink Cuddly Dinosaur (Which Really Belongs to Hooey).

Her Best Friend is Hooey.

Our                   Dairy Free Chocolate Bars Taste Just Like Milk Chocolate!


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